Does It Matter if We Ascend?

Cruisegurl asks a number of questions which would be better answered generally rather than specifically since others probably have them too. Please allow me to answer them between the lines:

Cruisegurl: There are those, including teachers, friends and members of my family, who wonder what a world would look like and feel like without duality. If ascension means moving beyond duality, then how do we learn from the contrast that this dimension provides for us?

Steve: First of all, Cruise, I haven’t ascended so it isn’t easy for me to answer your questions about what it would feel like with any certainty. What I say here are all just my guesses – sometimes educated, sometimes not.

When we’re in Grade 1, we learn how to pronounce, write, and read words. We learn how to get along with our new friends. Etc.

When we’re in university, we learn how to write complex essays, arguing a viewpoint, making a case. We have passed the stage of making new friends and may now be looking for a possible mate. The challenges have expanded and the learning is different. So, I think, it will be before and after Ascension.

C: Because I am in love with Mother Earth and am enjoying my experience here very much, I wonder how I would feel if I left what I know here behind for another dimension in which the contrasts of light vs. dark, happy vs. sad, etc, do not exist?

S: Well, say you grew up in a barrio, where mudslides occur, and were given the chance to go visit Kau’ila in Hawaii, where he’d take you to see some pretty gorgeous scenery. Would you refuse to leave the barrio?

If you left the barrio and went to the Big Island, you’re not leaving Earth. If you leave 3D and go to 5D, you also will not be leaving Earth. In fact you will be staying with her and your 3D Earth home would become … well, not very habitable. But 5D will be absolutely sumptuous and sensorily-stimulating compared to this comparatively-drab 3D.

C: Maybe I misunderstand what the 4th and 5th dimensions hold for us, but if duality does not exist there, what do we do with our time? I wonder how we would create art, cinema, new technologies and more if we aren’t driven by a desire to create something “better” that is born out of our experience of and dissatisfaction with something that is “less” or “lacking” or “not as good?”

S: Hmmmm….   It isn’t that duality doesn’t exist there because it does. It’s that dualistic consciousness does not exist there. You will be you and I will be me. But we will know ourselves as one. You will continue to be you even when you are a Seraphim or Cherubim, as I understand it. So God will be here and you will be there: That’s duality, is it not?  You will stand in the Face of God, but you will still be standing in that Face. That’s duality, isn’t it? But your consciousness will not be dualistic, but unitive.

What will you do? You’ll be consumed with an overwhelming desire to express your love for others through serving. Whom will you serve? Those less evolved, less developed. Or those in difficulty. I’ve read of some very evolved people who took on massively-challenging tasks, transitioned and needed to be served by spirit nurses.

The fact that you’re evolved doesn’t mean you won’t suffer. Look at Ellie, who is Pleiadian royalty. She came down to Earth in a terrestrial body to observe Ascension, grew old, suffered aches and pains she would never have as a Pleiadian, all to serve us. Then her fellow Pleiadians gave her a new cloned body to relieve her aches and pains. So she doesn’t even occupy her own body any more – all for us.

Going back to the school analogy, once you leave Grade 1, and your watercolor paints, and you sit in a Fine Arts class in university, looking at using mixed media and oils, do you miss Grade 1? Probably not.  The challenge is infinitely greater and more exciting.

My 91-year-old Dad left Earth recently and went to the Astral Planes, which are the equivalent of 4D. He was so excited by what there was to see that his attendants couldn’t persuade him to rest from his long illness.  He wanted to be immediately off exploring. Nothing boring there.

I can refer you to sections of a book (New Maps of Heaven) that describe 4D/the Astral Planes, but I can refer you to much less material on 5D/the Mental Planes. Why is that? Because spirits who complete their experience of the Astral Planes and move on to the Mental Planes have much less interest in communicating with us back here on Earth than do the newly-arrived. They’re off and never give us another thought. So we have many fewer descriptions.

If you’d like to hear the scenery of 4D described, go here: That chapter and those that follow will tell you more about life in 4D.

C: Indeed, isn’t the desire for ascension often born out of our dissatisfaction with all of the cruelty, violence, and inhumanity perpetrated on mankind by mankind?

S: The actual answer to your question, according to the saints and sages of all times, is that the desire to ascend is born of what some call the “longing for liberation.” This tidal, sub-sensible yearning to know God was built into us at inception. For more on it, see

The desire to ascend may arise out of dissatisfaction, but the dissatisfaction itself arises out of the design feature that God has built into us a refusal to settle for anything less than him – in the long run.  The longing for liberation is satisfied only by God.  If we deny it, we end up desiring cars and boats and trips and money instead, none of which fills our aching emptiness, which only God does.

C: I have been entertaining an inner struggle since I learned of the 2012 Enigma explained by David Wilcock and then discovered so many other interesting thoughts on what 2012 will mean for us, including this site, because all of this new information raised an “expectation” in me of disclosure and suddenly I found my sense of inner peace penetrated by impatience that the disclosure hasn’t occurred yet. This has been discussed and preached by SaLuSa and many others, through various channels, for many, many years. Over a decade (or more) by some.

S: I would suggest a different set of events occurred. I would suggest that reading Wilcock and the others fanned the flame of the longing for liberation in you, as hearing about the higher dimensions will do. It may not have been an “expectation” so much as an “anticipation” and a desire that the consummation occur as soon as possible. And then you’re obliged to wait and wait.

C: Is the waiting for this “event” throwing us out of balance because we then do not focus as much on our Present moment?

S: Our buying into “waiting” may not be useful. Chris advised us to “lose wait.” Drawing on the discernment you’ve developed from living in duality, supposing you either (1) focussed on the present in passive awareness which, because of the way passive awareness works, would cleanse your mind and spirit of limitations or (2) focus on your future which, by the Law of Attraction, would then begin drawing that future to you?

See the articles on the questions of losing wait, resting in passive awareness, and envisioning the future in this section: Preparing for Ascension

C: I had reached a place where I have been able to marry my spiritual practice with my work and my relationships with others, meaning, I have finally found a way to be in the world but not of it and that has brought me to a place of such profound inner peace, I am often surprised at how good I feel.

Thus, I find myself in a peculiar place of understanding that ascension is a part of our evolution as we find our way back to God, but I’m not sure that focusing on it is the way to achieve it?

S: My understanding is that you’ll achieve it if you simply open to it. There are thousands and thousands of ascended galactics and spirits here to help you at the right time with anything else you need. Focusing on Ascension is not totally necessary, but it is helpful.

C: I guess what I’m wondering is: If I am enjoying my experience here and feel that I am serving my purpose by just Being Present as often as I can, do I need to focus on ascension? Indeed, do I need to ascend?

S:First of all, I hear that you are having success being here now, being present.

Secondly, no, you don’t need to focus on Ascension if you’re enjoying your time here.  If you’re being present, that is a huge amount of the overall work that has already been accomplished.

My hunch is that you’ll be given experiences, foretastes of 5D in the weeks and months ahead, and that these will help you decide whether you wish to move further along the road to seeking Ascension.  Do you need to ascend? No. No one “needs” to ascend.

C: Can’t I just enjoy my life as it is and if I ascend, fine, but if I don’t, does it really matter? Because eventually through the cycle of birth and death, don’t we move on to higher dimensions anyway over time?

S: Yes, you can just enjoy your life as it is.

Does it really matter? Does feeling full matter over feeling hungry? Does being loved matter over being ignored?  We do move on to higher dimensions over time – that’s true. But we don’t have this wonderful once-every-26,000-years opportunity to make this amount of progress all at once and with everyone else coming along with us.

Moreover, if you attempt to ascend by your own individual efforts, well, prepare to live a life of tremendous karmic cleansing. You’ll have to do by your efforts, and often through tremendous suffering, what is about to be handed to you on a silver platter. And prepare for it to take another perhaps 10,000 years of lifetimes full of a little pleasure but a very great deal of pain (illness, old age, perhaps debt, poverty, etc.).

C: Is anyone else feeling a bit out of sorts because we are focusing too much on what “tomorrow” may bring and perhaps not enough on just being present in today?

Are the galactics our saviors or are we our own saviors?

S: Anyone care to comment?

C: I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

S: OK, now a word to others: To get a sense of what the Fourth Dimension would be like, go to

And read the following chapters:

The Astral Plane – Arrival
The Astral Plane – Orientation
The Astral Plane – Common Summerland Elements
The Astral Plane – The Higher Summerlands

There are chapters there on the Mental Planes, or 5D, too, but they have far less description in them. My hunch is that when you see how wonderful 4D is compared to 3D, you’ll be able to make the imaginative leap about how much more wonderful 5D is than 4D.

The dimensions are more and more breathtaking as we ascend them, but the leap in wonderment from one to the next is what we probably don’t fully comprehend. There is a hhhhhuuuuuuggggeeeee difference between 3D and 4D, for instance, and the same between 4D and 5D.

My Dad apparently is tickled pink with what he’s found on the Astral Planes. Imagine what he would feel when he gazes upon the Mental Planes.

Thanks, Cruise, for your questions. I’m sure a lot of people have them.



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