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An Open Letter: The Opportunity to Found a Global Peaceful Society is Here Now

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The sickening results of a “lock and load” mentality may finally be registering with the death of five people in the recent shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her constituents. Then again, the lessons of this moment could once more be totally lost.

They may be lost because few people are aware today of how deep the problem of violence goes.

We think it only goes as deep as a culture of film and TV violence, or a habit of violent games, or a constitution in which the right to bear arms is enshrined.

But many of the subtexts of a culture of violence have never even risen to the surface of society’s consciousness.  They are almost totally unknown and operate as an unsuspected drag on consciousness.

For instance, the mass of the population doesn’t know at this time that the government itself engineered the worst violence against Americans. It doesn’t know that the government and its agencies brought down the Murrah building in Oklahoma or the Twin Towers or the Pentagon.

It doesn’t know that its own government planned the internment of large numbers of Americans in FEMA camps, that its own government regularly schedules chemtrail flights that cause death by Morgellon’s Disease, and is behind the insertion of chemicals in food and water that cause sickness, or behind extreme weather, earthquakes, and tsunamis.

It doesn’t know that its own government planned to bring the world’s population down from its present size of nearly 7 billion to 500 million and that deep underground military bunkers exist to house those whom the government intended to survive a nuclear war, which would cull the population of “useless eaters.”

Having said that, you would think that I would be the first to insist on the citizen’s right to bear arms against such a government, that I would say that this proves that citizens cannot trust their own leaders and must have the means to oppose them.

But in fact the problem goes deeper than simply the bearing of arms or violent opposition to a treacherous government.

The problem lies with violence itself.

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The citizen’s right to bear arms is meaningless without the citizen’s right to fire arms. But any implement of violence is not a peacemaker. It’s a violencemaker. Peace is not made or kept through violence. Violence only leads to more violence.

The problem goes much deeper than simply having an adequate means of defense. It goes to having an adequate means to live, to live freely, to live fully. The problem lies with looking upon violence as an answer to any problem. Anything associated with violence is what must go.

At any other time in our history, we might think that there was no hope for a general appeal to end violence itself. But not at this time. I realize I am speaking to a small group here – perhaps numbering 6,000 readers of this site at the most. The rest of society would regard us as hopeless idealists, though they won’t perhaps a year from now.

But that which serves as the glue that binds us is the knowledge that there is no future to violence, that a way of life founded on peace and harmony is not only possible, but that the opportunity to found such a society is here before us now.

We are the first generation of people who are actually aware of a viable, realistic opportunity to end violence forever on this planet. We are the first generation to know that the possibility of ending violence on the planet is not only before us, but can be touched, felt, and savored. We are the first generation whose efforts have the likelihood of producing a world without war, a world at peace.

Everything we discuss in these pages, read by so few, will one day be shouted from the rooftops – the liberation of the planet from violence, the observance of natural law, the sharing of wealth, the ending of war. It is not ours at this time to cower before seemingly-endless threats of violence in the form of the killing of wildlife or the loosing of extreme weather or the assassination of our brothers and sisters. This is not the time for us to be cowed at all.

It is not the time to falter before leaders who show themselves unfit to lead because they base their leadership upon the legitimacy of violence. The right to oppose and relinquish is not the right to bear arms or not bear arms. The right to oppose and relinquish is the supposed right to violence. There is no such right in God’s Kingdom.

The right to acknowledge and support is the sovereign right of individuals to decide for themselves what life they will lead, providing they do not infringe on the rights of others. The right to support is the right of individuals to choose what religion they will follow, what lifestyle they will enjoy, what ends they will serve and what means employ. The ultimate right is enshrined in the universal Law of Free Will and the peaceful acceptance that it applies to all, with no room for compulsion.

We stand on the verge of a new way of life. But that new way of life will not birth itself if we carry into the new era our old ways of violence and the use of force. If we want to birth the new era, then every one of us will need to renounce violence. At no time in human history could I have said that and expect a realistic outcome save now. No other time has existed when we could realistically consider such a sweeping and fundamental course of action as we can at this moment.

This is the time to renounce violence, in every form, in defense of every outcome. This is the time to separate ourselves from violence and forced outcomes. This is the moment to refrain, to stop. This is the moment to choose peace.  This is the moment to breathe in a life without compulsion.  This is the moment to trust.

Never before could what we renounce have such an impact as our renunciation of violence could have now. This is an historic moment to choose peace, totally, irrevocably, as a nation, as a culture, as a world.



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  1. This coincides with my meditation of today, the message was clearly ‘peace’. I have always thought that John Lennon left us an excellent project plan in Imagine. Thank you for an excellent message. It is really up to us to change this world by assuming personal responsibility. And we are not alone.

  2. I shared your article on Facebook, Steve. I will also place it on my blog.

  3. I also shared it on my fb page. Really well written, projecting from you like a laser beam.

  4. Steve I just wish to leave a generalized comment as one of the “6000”. The work you do with this site is of great value to me and I immensely look forward to the various postings that are put up daily. But I have especially come to appreciate your personal diaries. When I read your words, I usually feel that you are accurately expressing my own understandings on these matters especially in relationship to our “duties” and “roles” in this unfolding saga. I am very grateful for all that you are doing with this site.


    • Thank you, Burney. I got it and am glad that’s the case.



  5. Thank you, Steve, for this insightful and inspiring column. I have been thinking about this topic lately, in the context of universal love and how I personally can practice and embody that. For me, “renouncing violence” in my thoughts and words has become a key part of this practice. I am paying closer attention to my thoughts: of criticism, judgment, competition… anything that furthers the illusion of my separateness from others. And more and more, when such thoughts or knee-jerk reactions occur in me, I “passively observe” and let them go, allowing thoughts and feelings of acceptance, appreciation, and love to replace them.

    Interestingly, our local newspaper this morning published an opinion piece by a middle-school student on the topic of “living a nonviolent life.”
    This wise soul quotes from the Mahabharata and then goes on to say: “If we give up the desire for control, we give up encounters with violence.”

  6. Thank you.

  7. thanks so much for this steve, the wisdom of your words is a healing balm to me and 5999 other hopeless idealists here. bless your heart.

    not sure if its ok to post this, please remove if i am doing something wrong…. i found the following story in my net-travels this past weekend. in stark contrast to the horrific act of violence in arizona, this news out of egypt is a beacon of light. please have a quick read.



    • That is a really heart-warming development, Martha. Someone else has also sent that along. I’ll be sure to post it.



  8. Steve,

    I get what you’re saying here. And believe me, I would love nothing more than a society completely devoid of violence, guns, bombs or weapons made to maim or kill in any way.

    However, the desire to protect my loved ones and myself speaks very loudly. Am I to throw my gun in the garbage and “hope for the best” if an intruder enters my home and threatens harm on myself or my family?

    In other words, is there no hope for personal ascension as long as I possess firearms for the SOLE purpose of protection and self-defense?

    • No, Matt, you’re not to throw your gun in the garbage. You do face the necessity to see to the protection of your loved ones if there is a threat. Of course it’s also true to say that, if you totally relied on God to protect you, God would probably send the means of protection unless there is something in your soul contract that says otherwise.

      I’m not aware of any circumstances that apply at all times in all places. Always assessments of situations by karmic authorities take into consideration all the factors at play. So it isn’t easy to come up hard and fast rules. But if your intention is honorable, that is the most important factor in what karma arises from the act.

      To repeat: No, to the best of my knowledge, you will not be excluded from Ascension for protecting your family. Not like I know for sure, but I feel pretty safe in saying that,.



  9. Blessings, Steve & thankyouthankyouthankyou for your voice of sanity & reason. This is a (!) stellar site. I’ve been pondering the Law of Attraction and how gun ownership for protection & self-defense fits within that matrix. (And I proudly lay claim to my membership in the 6000).

  10. For me, owning a gun would cause me to be fearful about the need to use it and quite possibly attract a situation that required me to use it. (I’ve never been interested in guns or any other types of weapons.) But for others, owning a gun alleviates fear and also engenders other positive feelings–such as satisfaction in being able to protect and provide for one’s family. I don’t believe owning a gun in and of itself has any bearing on one’s standing as a spiritual being. However, I don’t see how firearms, which are ultimately implements of violence (even for self-defense), will be able to exist or even be necessary in a 5D world based on universal love.

    • “However, I don’t see how firearms, which are ultimately implements of violence (even for self-defense), will be able to exist or even be necessary in a 5D world based on universal love.”

      It’s a paradox… I want to ascend to the 5D world, yet it’s my duty to defend my family here in the 3D world.

      • Not necessarily a paradox, Matt. 3D imposes different duties on you than 5D. You also have to feed your family in 3D, but you probably won’t in 5D.



  11. Thanks for your good thoughts Steve, I appreciate your attention to the violent matter. Although many more souls are awakening to the idea of a world of peace instead of war, most of society, still has a war going on in their own minds and they do not realize it.

    Mind control is a beautiful thing for the illuminati / annunaki warlords to keep everyone in argument. Anyone must give up the war in their minds first and cease fighting everything and everyone completely – or, they will not be able to catch the superwave to a 5d unity consciousness. It is that simple.

    If anyone owns certain hardware that causes an explosion with gunpowder, they are simply magnetizing the same frequency to themselves. Like frequencies, attracks like kind – Any of you hardware owners, are not understanding what is taking place with the transformation of consciousness. It absolutely must transform, or you don’t catch the superwave to 5d. It is that simple and nothing personal whatsoever.

    The galactics are not joining our society to help mankind out of the ditch of death, dis-ease and destruction to get anywhere near us, while anyone is able to play with explosives –

    Owning the consciousness of weapons of war, invites the circumstances to justify the destructive ownership. You are simply holding yourself back and everyone else and do not understand what is taking place on planet earth like never before – continuing to perpetuate the fear, enslaving planet earth in tyranny – over a self righteous indoctrinated belief system with the idea that you need to protect yourself – with deadly explosive force. Please do not call yourself a lightworker. Ignorance is not bliss.

    This is not in the least any kind of a spiritual consciousness suitable in preparation for a new reality for co-creating – Everyone needs to know and understand the same truth – so they can find a way to come together for a meeting of the minds, on the same page – so they would have a chance to be able to do anything – about anything – otherwise, it’s groundhog day –

    The fastest way to solve the problem – is Peace on Earth right now! Everyone is still far too violent with a war going on in their heads – you cannot have unity consciousness of any substance, while concerning yourself about your insecurity – by protecting yourself with deadly explosive force – when you don’t trust yourself enough for the universe to provide you with the security you came here complete with, but you have such little faith – that you just might have to exterminate that which you helped to create, in your very own thinking.

    Just brilliant folks, you really need to lose the metal idea completely, once and for all John Wayne. Everyone still behaves like there is a terrorist behind the fence in the back yard, waiting for the lights to go out. The Reptillian hind brain kicks in – game over you loose.