Obama to Make “Off the Cuff ET Announcement”?

I’m surprised that Michael would say that disclosure would come “within three years.” Not very likely. Next three months is more probable.

But his mention that the President would be referring to the existence of ETs in the next month is interesting. Who knows what this may be? Mere mention? Disclosure itself?  How can a mere mention not lead to disclosure? Is the cat not then out of the bag?

It’s especially interesting to hear the comment that “DARPA” gave the green light for the “announcement.” That probably says more than was intended. If DARPA really was no longer a foe of disclosure, that would be a significant step forward.

Again, any terrestrial organization’s opposition to disclosure is only relevant before the “divine deadline” for disclosure is reached.  After that, the galactics no longer need to respect free will in the same way they do now.

Thanks to Sarah.
26 December 2010

Barack Obama to make UFO announcement in coming weeks

Michael Cohen

All News Web has received information from government insiders close to the US President that Barack Obama has been given the go ahead to make an important ‘off the cuff’ announcement regarding UFO visits and US contact with aliens.

Allegedly DARPA has given this move the green light. The comments by the President will be made within the next month.

Our sources claim this will not be outright admittance of UFO visits and contact with aliens, however the comments will come as close to admittance as any President has to date and will be made in the context of a speech on an entirely different matter.

From what we understand The President will concede that there is ‘some evidence’ to suggest aliens might have attempted to contact Earthlings.

All of this is said to be part of a warm up program leading to eventual outright admittance of knowledge of UFO and alien visitation by major world governments within three years.

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