In the Midst of the Maelstrom

A reader has written and called me “naieve” for my support of President Obama.

It is difficult to maintain course in the midst of a maelstrom.

While the storm howls, much worry surfaces. Am I doing the right thing? Do I need to change course? Do I need to tack or take in sail?

Conflicting reports pour in. The discomfort level rises. As SaLuSa said, the darkness is greatest just before the dawn – and it’s very dark right now.

Structures are falling. Rumors of war swirl around us. Charges and counter-charges fly. Even lightworkers are turning on their own and tearing them apart.

In the midst of the maelstrom, I – you – we – have to ask ourselves: what star do we steer by? What course do we follow?

The path for me is clear. I will not be spooked by rumors. I intend to remain calm during this period, above all else.

If I am being naieve in my support of the President, I intend to remain naieve for the present and take a second look once we are on the other side. I cannot get my bearings in the midst of pandemonium. And I don’t think I need to.

The equipment is sound. The course is well-thought-out. All systems were go before the hurricane struck. Yes, we may be out of contact with regular channels or our saner self while the world goes mad at this strangest time of the year in the strangest year of recent times and the strangest juncture of human history. Yes, all seems maximally confusing.

But I intend to remain on course, ride out the storm, and take stock again when the wind dies down.

Yes, I risk being wrong. Yes, I risk looking foolish. But remaining calm presents the best possible chance of coming through the maelstrom intact.

As the storm mounts, whether the storm of seasonal frenzy, or the storm of the cabal attacking Obama, or the storm of the New World Order trying to save itself, I intend to plunge deeper into calmness, following the best and most enduring spiritual wisdom.

I’ve chosen a life lived publicly. I don’t have the luxury of simply turning off the machine and retreating into my own space. And that lack of privacy feels uncomfortable at a time like this. I’d rather run and hide.

But this is the manner of service I chose and I won’t allow discomfort to sway me. I intend to remain calm, as the house burns up and the rafters fall. I won’t remain in the burning house but I also won’t lose my head and flee. I know that a New Era is dawning and what will then transpire will alleviate all pain.

This is the time of which the scriptures spoke – the end times, the time of troubles. We have steeped ourselves for the last few years in the best possible advice and now is the time to apply it.

Naieve? Maybe so. But now is the time to stay the course.

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