Might There be Stages to Ascension?

What follows is mere speculation and not something I know.

Julie R. reminds me of something that Lisa Renee said in November:

“We are about to step into a new paradigm of which sacred union between the masculine and feminine forces are about to transpire on the ‘unity code’ platform of the creational matrix. This is the architecture of the Ascension timeline. …

“The Rod and Staff codes are being templated into the planetary grid within the first wave of personal “sacred marriage” contracts which are being physically embodied at this time. The Guardians refer to these as ‘Spiritual Marriages in No Time’ and have explained that these unions are critical for the bringing forth of the Unity Consciousness Grid for humanity. This level of genetic encodement and its frequency potential have never been generated in this density before as an actual physical embodiment.” (1)

How synchronistic it is that Julie should remind me of that because I myself am seeing more clearly that it’s possible we may go through stages on the road to Ascension.

SaLuSa says that Ascension is not a single event: “Ascension is an ongoing process,” he reveals. (2)

As far as I can see, the first stage of that process might be comparable to having our heads under water. I think of it as “unconsciousness,” what we characterize as “being asleep.” In this state we are concerned only about is our own survival and the world looks like a threatening place. We don’t welcome it. We see it as full of obstacles, problems and dangers. We complain. We act irresponsibly. This is a high-maintenance place with scarce pleasure attached to it and the pleasure that is there is fleeting.

The second stage is like taking our head out of the water. We can breathe again and be at ease.  In this state we are aware of being present, existing and being safe in our existence forever. We are playing, we are initiating. We don’t have our attention on our survival but more on our being present. We are awake, aware, alive. This is not a high-maintenance place. This is a low-maintenance place and it has much more pleasure, some of it lasting.

SaluSa may have been describing it when he said:

“When the stirring starts to occur within, you will wonder what is happening in your life, as you will know that something is missing. It is likely to be an unsettling time, until you realize that the answers are also within. You will find that you are awakening to the urge to find your true self. You will know that you are more than just your physical body, and feel your spiritual awakening opening your eyes and heart. Sooner or later your path will open up, and the way will be lit with the truth.” (3)

Here, we’re not complaining and not acting irresponsibly. We know that being our best makes a tremendous difference and we are being our best. We are making the effort. We are in motion. This second state is called “being present” or, as my wife called it the other day, “being your own person.”

Farther down the road from that may be the third state that Lisa Renee was discussing, which she called “sacred marriage.”  We merge with or “marry” our twin flame and become balanced, androgenous. Sandy Stevenson says that these re-integrations happen from time to time: “The main purpose in making this re-connection, is to reflect back to one another that they have reached a certain point in their evolution.” (4)

If I’m correct (and I very well may not be), we will have healed for the moment the split into male and female halves and are whole again. In this state, we may find it easy to be everything we normally consider feminine and masculine. We may find ourselves a complete being with all that goes along with that. We’ll see if this speculation is in fact what will happen to us.

Once we experience wholeness again, we may see a fourth state where we are one with others, where there is no difference visible to us between all of us, where what we see are the ways in which we are the same rather than different. I can’t imagine what that state might be like but I’m open to it and welcome it. I conceive of this as the state of unitive consciousness, associated with Ascension.

This is the journey as I imagine it at this moment – being swept up in a process of expansion from this underwater state to the out—of-the-water state and from there through androgeny to unity.

Overall, in our journey from Third Density to Fifth Density, I imagine we travel from:

  • unconsciousness to consciousness
  • sleep to awakeness
  • unawareness to awareness
  • irresponsibility to responsibility
  • ignorance to knowledge
  • hate to love
  • fear to welcoming
  • exclusion to inclusion
  • resistance to acceptance
  • death to aliveness
  • separation to unity.

As far as I’m aware, this is as much as we can do: to move from being unconscious, asleep, unaware, irresponsible, ignorant, hateful, fearful, resistant, dead, and separate to being conscious, awake, aware, responsible, knowledgeable, loving, welcoming, accepting, alive, and unified. In other words, we can, from now on, be opening to these states as our means of preparing for Ascension.

The actual event of Ascension or enlightenment is and always has been, to the best of my knowledge, exclusively the gift of the Divine.

But, hey, this is just the vaguest sensing, imagining, and speculating, put to paper to invite you to share your own view. Prove me wrong. I welcome it. That’s how we advance in knowledge, isn’t it?


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