David’s Upcoming Telecall with Richard Hoagland

OK, David’s update doesn’t have additional material to his article, as I thought id did. Just announces his upcoming talk with Richard Hoagland and a radio show.


I forgot to mention that I’m also going to have a telephone conference with Project Camelot about Disclosure, featuring Richard C. Hoagland, on Sunday, December 19th.

Hoagland is always a fascinating character and I’ve wished for a long time that you could listen in on one of our conversations where we share information with each other.

He has some fascinating perspectives on “The Event” and is in touch with other insiders who I don’t get to speak with personally. Things are really heating up around this issue and we’re saving the best of our discussions for the live chat!

Bill and Kerry will both be on the line and I expect it will be a provocative discussion! We’re scheduling three hours but it may go on even longer than that!

You can be part of the action for significantly less than the video conference cost, at 35 dollars for the live event. I believe we’re going to offer a post-conference stream for 25 as well.

You can find out more information at the Project Camelot website soon, though it’s not up there just yet.

I also am doing a free radio show on Myth or Logic Radio this Wednesday with Tom Murasso. Part of why I continue to work with him is he is a great host — understanding the value of letting the guest speak, coming up with thoughtful questions and feedback when appropriate, and energetically holding space for the words to come through.

You can listen in for the live show or access the free MP3 archive after it’s over. The time will be this Wednesday at 2PM Eastern, 11AM Pacific:

Check it out — and let us know what you think!

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