What is a Starseed? – Part 2/2

Lauren Gorgo: Probably a starseed

(Continued from Part 1.)

How Can They be Identified?

What identifies people as starseeds is their attraction to and kinship with other galactics.

“If you feel attracted to the Space Beings it is more likely you are linked with them. Often such ones feel out of place on Earth, and sense that it is not their true home. There is sometimes an unfulfilled yearning to find what is lacking in their lives. Know that all will be found in the coming period which should prove exhilarating once it really gets under way.” (13)

Most starseeds retain no waking memory of their extraterrestrial roots, SaLuSa informs us. He tells us to look at other galactics if we wish to remember our roots.

“Look at us if you want to see the direction in which Humankind is heading. You too are Space Beings and are largely unaware of it, because you have dropped down from the higher dimensions. Your waking memory has no recollection of the times before you came to Earth. However, for some of you the link is felt when you become very attracted to our activities and us.” (14)

James Gilliland: Probably a starseed

Mira the Pleiaidian also tells her fellow Pleiadian starseeds that remembrance will arise from contact: “Many of you come from the Pleiaides. In this we present profound opportunities to remember our connections from the past. You will find that remembrances will come easily.” (15)

Their path has not been easy, SaLuSa says.

“Those who carry a flag for us are often the targets of ridicule, but you know the truth and nothing will alter your convictions. This is sometimes because you are in fact from one of the civilizations that are members of the Galactic Federation. Your strong attraction to us therefore becomes explainable, and as time moves on you learn more about us and it will all seem so familiar.

This should not surprise you, as each one of you have come to Earth from another home in the Galaxy.” (16)

Their Next Mission

“Many of you are on a mission with us. In fact you are directly connected with us and at some future time, we shall depart together,” says Ela of Arcturus. (17) SaLuSa advises starseeds that they shall be “returning to your space families in a happy re-union on your home planet. Your lives will change beyond recognition, and of course all to the good and fitting for souls that have ascended.” (18)

Some starseeds will return prior to Ascension, SaLuSa says, but retain a special connection to Earth from participation in these times.

“Of course the Earth will continue to play a great part in your lives, regardless as to whether or not you progress to Ascension with the new Earth. You will always have a special relationship with Mother Earth, because She has nurtured and nursed you through a very difficult time in duality. It is a sacrifice that perhaps not many give thought to, and is why you are expected to lovingly help restore the Earth to its original pristine beauty.” (19)

Not all will return. Ker-On of Venus says that some “will stay with us and join in our missions.” (20) Some are already members of the Galactic Federation, SaLuSa says, “and may wish to serve others through our organisation. There are also other Councils and Federations like ours dedicated to doing the work of the Creator and opportunities abound to follow your hearts desire.” (21)

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles: Probably a starseed

Thus we may see starseeds from a broad or a narrow perspective, as either humans from unity who dropped down into duality or humans from other stars and planets who came here to assist with Ascension. They can be identified by their sense of attraction to the galactics. They came as lightworkers to push back the dark, who have been in control of the planet for ages, and to map the way to Ascension for the rest of us. After Ascension, or for some before it, they will return to their home civilizations or join the Galactic Federation in its Omniversal work of helping civilizations evolve back to Source.


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