Yayayayay! We’re Reactivated!

Well, I haven’t seen an old-fashioned hubbub like this in a long time. SaLuSa’s comment on Colleen Thomas may have proven more controversial than the launch of the missiles themselves (maybe not).

Causing a stir like this is a wonderful thing and I have to put a bookmark in our lives here. It’s only when a stir is caused that our vasanas, or automatic reaction patterns, become triggered and we get to run a diagnosis on ourselves.

I recommend that all events like these be used to get the measure of where we are with things.

If we’re loaded down with vasanas, or what Lisa Renee recently called “control programs,” we’ll be sclerotic, arthritic, rigid.  The last thing we want to do is head into a busy and chaotic time rigid. We’ll need to be flexible in the times ahead.

So what better thing for SaLuSa to do than drop a bombshell on us and allow us to see how we react?

None of this affects my opinion of SaLuSa. He sees from the Fifth Dimension and knows what he’s doing. His was a calculated move, I’m quite sure. And it surely has shaken many of us up.

In this shake-up, observe how you respond. Are you self-righteous? Are you angry? Do you feel embarrassed? Do you feel trapped?

We cannot clear a vasana until the sleeping volcano erupts. If it has erupted, good! Now it can be seen and experienced through to completion. I’ll list all the articles on this site that can help you to do that.

I personally welcome all events like this to show me where I have more work to do.  SaLuSa showed me where I was being judgmental and snooty.

In the face of a reawakened vasana, I avoid committing myself to a future course of action. I avoid saying things I’ll regret later while realizing that I cannot avoid saying anything.

So watch yourself closely at this time to see where old issues, unfinished business, reaction patterns, emotional rigidity, self-righteousness and other unwanted conditions lie. Stand in the face of them – be with and observe them – follow the steps in the emotional clearing process provided in these sources.

I assure you, every bit of work you do on any of your vasanas now will stand you in good stead later. The more you know how to clear your vasanas, the easier the time approaching will be.

Here then are the articles on the subject of clearing old emotional baggage.

Thank you, SaLuSa!!!!


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