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Yayayayay! We’re Reactivated!

Well, I haven’t seen an old-fashioned hubbub like this in a long time. SaLuSa’s comment on Colleen Thomas may have proven more controversial than the launch of the missiles themselves (maybe not).

Causing a stir like this is a wonderful thing and I have to put a bookmark in our lives here. It’s only when a stir is caused that our vasanas, or automatic reaction patterns, become triggered and we get to run a diagnosis on ourselves.

I recommend that all events like these be used to get the measure of where we are with things.

If we’re loaded down with vasanas, or what Lisa Renee recently called “control programs,” we’ll be sclerotic, arthritic, rigid.  The last thing we want to do is head into a busy and chaotic time rigid. We’ll need to be flexible in the times ahead.

So what better thing for SaLuSa to do than drop a bombshell on us and allow us to see how we react?

None of this affects my opinion of SaLuSa. He sees from the Fifth Dimension and knows what he’s doing. His was a calculated move, I’m quite sure. And it surely has shaken many of us up.

In this shake-up, observe how you respond. Are you self-righteous? Are you angry? Do you feel embarrassed? Do you feel trapped?

We cannot clear a vasana until the sleeping volcano erupts. If it has erupted, good! Now it can be seen and experienced through to completion. I’ll list all the articles on this site that can help you to do that.

I personally welcome all events like this to show me where I have more work to do.  SaLuSa showed me where I was being judgmental and snooty.

In the face of a reawakened vasana, I avoid committing myself to a future course of action. I avoid saying things I’ll regret later while realizing that I cannot avoid saying anything.

So watch yourself closely at this time to see where old issues, unfinished business, reaction patterns, emotional rigidity, self-righteousness and other unwanted conditions lie. Stand in the face of them – be with and observe them – follow the steps in the emotional clearing process provided in these sources.

I assure you, every bit of work you do on any of your vasanas now will stand you in good stead later. The more you know how to clear your vasanas, the easier the time approaching will be.

Here then are the articles on the subject of clearing old emotional baggage.

Thank you, SaLuSa!!!!


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  1. Steve, for me personally, the issue of SaLuSa’s 11/19 message possibly being hacked is not at all about vasanas.

    The point for me is this: Colleen Thomas, as you have pointed out, discredits Obama. As a character, she stands in contradiction to the principled integrity that SaLuSa has demonstrated to date.

    Also, there is an email making its rounds across the internets right now that is supposedly from Mike Quinsey, in which he is offering a fresh link to Colleen Thomas, and suggesting the old link was hacked.

    The question for me right now is not if my vasanas are being reactivated: it’s whether Mike’s latest message is authentic or not.

    I would suggest that once we can verify that question, *then* it will be time to experience whatever reactions we have.

    But until then, I think we need to focus on verifying the message as being real or not.

    My 2 cents anyway…

    • i told colleen not to put obama down that he’s only puppet to cable
      maybe if he got blamed that much could start a racist war.

      • forgot to say i hear he was sworn in to be killed to start a racist war and many atempts were made to kill him, an also herd theres 3 obamas some cloned him

    • Unfortunately vasanas don’t wait for anyone’s schedule, Chris. When they go off, they go off.

      But, yes, Mike has responded to me and to Maria and in both letters, while he didn’t claim that the messages were his, he spoke as if they were. And since he’s made no general mailing that I’m aware of at this moment saying he was hacked, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Mike is not aware of being hacked.



  2. Hello there Steve. I must say I feel something odd about that message from SaLuSa. Honestly, it did not feel 100% him. It’s like, at some points, it’s someone else. That is what my heart tells me. It’s strange, but I feel great disappointment, at the same time great upliftment from his message. Fro example, when the channeling starts, something feels odd about the way he speaks, but when he talks about us starting to be able to speak telepathically, I feel that is him, the real SaLuSa.
    My heart tells me to be wary, as there seems to be something mixed in this truth. I strongly suggest all of us to use out hearts for this. Mine keeps telling me “be wary”.

  3. This is what I call “galactic bureaucracy”: supposedly advance beings watching undisturbed the DARK HORROR on Earth for years and years and lately just repeating the same “love” propaganda all over again. They might be nice guys but they have no connection with the Light whatsoever…

  4. Thank you Steve, perfect followup! Indeed, use discernment. Do not let this stress you out. Let the upwelling of questions and reactions be a vibrant opportunity to bring light to those remaining fears. A wonderful lesson!

    It is helpful for me to think in extremes to make sense of things. Even if every beautiful channeled source was somehow “hacked” or ceased, what difference does it make really? None at all, for we have every answer and all knowledge already within our hearts <3

    This is the ultimate lesson of every true teaching. Be calm and embrace challenges- aka our greatest teachers!

  5. True Wesley. We have to learn to look inside ourselves for the answers instead of depending solely on internet messages. One reason is because there are hackers and inconsistent messages out there. Another reason is because it is what we’re supposed to do to be able to ascend. Hopefully when the Galactics get here, they will help us to better trust our own higher selves for knowing right information. :)

  6. In reading the references from Salusa about Colleen Thomas I did not detect any endorsement of her overall view of things. Salusa referenced her “bravery” and the flavor used was about social tendencies to do likewise–that a growing movement throughout humanity is showing up in various ways to let the powers that be know, “enough is enough.”

    The same could be said about Salusa’s reference to Steven Greer. Mr. Greer is also a, oh…I consider him “questionable,” because of his connections with David Rockefeller and his membership in the Natural Press Club (along with Steven Bassett). But both Greer and Bassett have been making a great deal of progress toward getting the truth out there, regardless of their agendas. Salusa, thus referred to that progress, which is what I read.

    Salusa’s remarks were general recognition of “bravery” for stepping over the line and taking big risks. As for Colleen Thomas, she is not “crazy” nearly as much as she is fearless, although, yes, she is also questionable. But then who of us aren’t “questionable”??? One way to find out how “questionable” we are is step over the line, get on a soapbox and see how good we are at flaunting our weird ideas to the entire world…? I’m not ready for that, although I do get on the internet at times and flaunt. My point is, if we dare take the risk of doing what the Colleen Thomas’ do, we will all end up with people calling us names and all sorts of things said about us that we would wonder about, like, “boy did those folks misunderstand my message.”

    Yes, this could also be a test by Salusa to see how our ability to think things through (discern) is doing after a bit more than a month of intense energy bombardment. It might also be simple recognition of the bravery being demonstrated by whistle blowers and truth-bringers. And it might also be a demonstration of something that we might find out later after we ascend–that although “people” in 5D are wiser than we are, they are still vulnerable to screwing up now and then…?

    Just my opinions.

  7. Here is a portion from a recent transmission from the Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild on the topic of “Discernment.”

    It is imperative to listen to your heart, FEEL it speaking to you … does it say to you ‘TRUTH’ or ‘UNTRUTH’? Do this regarding ALL matters. For in these days as the darkness is leaving, there is every possibility that what is seemingly displayed as Truth to the masses … is more than likely an unTruth. Much that shall occur in your future days and we speak of imminently , will be entrusted to those in power to ‘shine the Light’ on certain matters. Yet if you do not LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART, you will most certainly be misguided and misled. It is for those who understand what is arising behind the scenes that must remain in strength and take positions of authority. Truth is Truth. It cannot be disguised. And yet we say to you, that when you recognize the display of stories that are about to occur you shall instantly KNOW that the times we have spoken of are upon you.

    FoL: … Truth is Truth is Truth is Truth. However much effort is put into trying to make something appear to be what it is not … it cannot hide from the fact of WHAT IS. These words shall make more sense to you when that which we speak of is taking place. Be alert dear ones. Much change is to take place (in your time) very soon . And once announcements of a kind that will take you by great surprise are issued , there will be dividings. There will be upheaval and confusion on a grand scale. because what is to be told shall be taken and thrown to the wolves.

    FoL: There will be versions of the Truth announced. This is why we speak as we do. Do not ‘take in’ as a Truth all that you are led to believe IS Truth … for it is not. It will be versions of. In your world you have a genuine article and then you have many ‘copies’ of that article , disguised as the real thing and yet there will be something/somewhere, within/upon that article that will reveal it to be what it Truly is …a fake … and yet it may appear so genuine at the onset. Be Aware! All that you have prepared for, all these times when you felt useless and were proceeding so slowly will very soon prove to you that they were indeed very valuable. For it is coming soon when you shall NEED to put into practice your discernment to the maximum of your capability. Do you see now why again we wish to speak of this matter of ‘Discernment’?

  8. Its messages like these that make me question the integrity of the whole thing. It also reminds me of the integrity that we humans should have. We should only depend on ourselves to get the 2012 scenario going. Its nice to think that someone out there is helping us while we remain safe and comfortable at home doing nothing . We should act like no one is here helping us; no galactics, no spirits, just us. Maybe things would get done faster that way.

  9. Integrity in the Human mind set is changing big Time i must say, and i wood say it started in the Summer of 1969 at wood stock. I was 19 years old back then and i never ever heard of worldwide Meditations going on back then!!!??; Fast track to 2010 and now we are seeing many ,many worldwide meditations going on and 10.10.10 was one of them. What we are seeing has never ever happend before were thousands,then Millions of people are Bonding there intenshions into a one minded format sending Love and Light to our Earth and all the people suffering all over Planet Earth.

    The internet has been the power house that has linked us up to up coming worldwide meditations of all race’es tuning there energy into the same force!!?? is what will be the down fall of the Illuminati; they have no control over the power of meditation of like minded people worldwide; as they can not control messages sent out into the Solar System or around the world by millions and billions with in the next two or so years. I only see the Human race Bonding together and no one can kill that Spirit.