Processing the Upset

Every time a sleeping volcano goes off, I learn so much more about the process. But it’s seldom “fun.”

For instance, one of the emotions I’m feeling in response to SaLuSa’s message this morning is dismay.  Without having gotten to the bottom of the vasana, I can’t say why I’m dismayed.

To do so would be to flail around in the dark with as much chance of being wrong as being right. Vasanas seldom yield to logic. They have to be experienced through and only upon completion does the logic that holds them together become obvious.

So all I can say at this moment is that I feel dismay, which is just one of the emotions I’m feeling. There may be others piled on top of each other. Usually only one presents itself at a time. The others lie underneath it and are connected by a logic all their own.

The reason I mention it is that feeling dismay in the process of completing the vasana is no different than feeling dismay in the process of projecting the feeling outwards. In both cases I’d feel the same dismay. But in the first, I’d be completing the vasana and in the second I’d be energizing it and adding fresh fuel to the fire. I’d also be blasting a lot of other people usually on grounds that prove later on to be unjustified, improper, etc. Blasting others just multiplies the misery.

So far I’m seeing that this upset is connected to an upset with a guru back in 2000 who was found to be molesting children. The link is probably that I trusted both voices and the earlier voice I saw as letting me down. So that tells me that I feel let down by SaLuSa’s comment this morning.

I’m not going to go through each step of the completion process. I can’t even if I wanted to because it has its own schedule and I’m not through it yet. But the benefit of doing things this way, and why I recommend it, is that I won’t scald anyone as I move through this “stack attack” and, at the end, I’ll be more supple for having completed it than I would be if I identified with and projected it outwards. In the latter case, I’d be more rigid. Why? Because I would be storing more tension in my muscles.

This is the same process of reactivation the whole of society will be going through when, after accountability begins in earnest, they learn that their favorite military commander, favorite President, favorite scientist, astronaut, news anchor, minister, etc., was working for an agenda of depopulation, elitism, etc. But very few of them will know that they need to complete their upsets. Most will be projecting them.

Back to SaLuSa himself, well, I can’t get that a galactic who has been telling us that we’re headed for full consciousness and that the galactics listen in on the Illuminati and can telepathically know what we’re thinking, etc., could be so questionable a judge of character in this instance. There has to be more to the story than has emerged so far and more than may emerge at all. I just don’t know what that more is and may never know.

And my own sense of how vasanas works teaches me not to judge this incident by the way I feel. My feelings in the matter are as much related to the incident with the guru in 2000 as they are to anything that happened today – probably more so.

My hunch is that the best way to discover the meaning of the event, in the face of the high probability that I may never know the inside story, is to watch its impact on me. If I find myself looking for new, fresh sources, perhaps I was becoming codependently reliant on SaLuSa and he wants me (us) to look farther afield. Or perhaps new voices are arising and he wants us to pay attention to them. Perhaps he wanted us to consult our own inner voices rather than accepting everything he says.  I’ll be looking at the impacts on me and seeing if they provide clues as to what the real aim of this incident may have been.

No, I won’t be publishing Colleen Thomas. The last prediction of hers I tracked was that Obama would be killed in India, if I recall correctly. I haven’t really paid a lot of attention to her in the past because she seems wildly off base. And I won’t be paying a lot of attention to her in the future. No, SaLuSa meant something by this, as far as I’m concerned. And I just haven’t discovered what it is. But I won’t substitute his apparent judgment for my own and in my judgment Colleen Thomas is not reliable.

I may continue to process the vasanas overnight. My enthusiasm for things was hard hit by this disappointment. But I’ll be back to play tomorrow, if I do stop tonight. When a really strong vasana hits, it can affect everything in play. Every action creates an echo of the vasana and it takes time to work one’s way through it all. I know enough not to push myself or put a smiley face on when one strikes.  I need to be with and observe the vasana for as long as it takes, until it has worked its way through my system. Then, chances are, I’ll be free of it rather than further imprisoned by it.

And not only free of it, but free of all its roots and tendrils, extending to other issues. That’s what we’re seeking – freedom from our old issues, upsets, unfinished business. With that accomplished, we’ll be much better able to handle what’s coming down the pike.

PS. I did send your comments to Mike as you requested.

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