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Processing the Upset

Every time a sleeping volcano goes off, I learn so much more about the process. But it’s seldom “fun.”

For instance, one of the emotions I’m feeling in response to SaLuSa’s message this morning is dismay.  Without having gotten to the bottom of the vasana, I can’t say why I’m dismayed.

To do so would be to flail around in the dark with as much chance of being wrong as being right. Vasanas seldom yield to logic. They have to be experienced through and only upon completion does the logic that holds them together become obvious.

So all I can say at this moment is that I feel dismay, which is just one of the emotions I’m feeling. There may be others piled on top of each other. Usually only one presents itself at a time. The others lie underneath it and are connected by a logic all their own.

The reason I mention it is that feeling dismay in the process of completing the vasana is no different than feeling dismay in the process of projecting the feeling outwards. In both cases I’d feel the same dismay. But in the first, I’d be completing the vasana and in the second I’d be energizing it and adding fresh fuel to the fire. I’d also be blasting a lot of other people usually on grounds that prove later on to be unjustified, improper, etc. Blasting others just multiplies the misery.

So far I’m seeing that this upset is connected to an upset with a guru back in 2000 who was found to be molesting children. The link is probably that I trusted both voices and the earlier voice I saw as letting me down. So that tells me that I feel let down by SaLuSa’s comment this morning.

I’m not going to go through each step of the completion process. I can’t even if I wanted to because it has its own schedule and I’m not through it yet. But the benefit of doing things this way, and why I recommend it, is that I won’t scald anyone as I move through this “stack attack” and, at the end, I’ll be more supple for having completed it than I would be if I identified with and projected it outwards. In the latter case, I’d be more rigid. Why? Because I would be storing more tension in my muscles.

This is the same process of reactivation the whole of society will be going through when, after accountability begins in earnest, they learn that their favorite military commander, favorite President, favorite scientist, astronaut, news anchor, minister, etc., was working for an agenda of depopulation, elitism, etc. But very few of them will know that they need to complete their upsets. Most will be projecting them.

Back to SaLuSa himself, well, I can’t get that a galactic who has been telling us that we’re headed for full consciousness and that the galactics listen in on the Illuminati and can telepathically know what we’re thinking, etc., could be so questionable a judge of character in this instance. There has to be more to the story than has emerged so far and more than may emerge at all. I just don’t know what that more is and may never know.

And my own sense of how vasanas works teaches me not to judge this incident by the way I feel. My feelings in the matter are as much related to the incident with the guru in 2000 as they are to anything that happened today – probably more so.

My hunch is that the best way to discover the meaning of the event, in the face of the high probability that I may never know the inside story, is to watch its impact on me. If I find myself looking for new, fresh sources, perhaps I was becoming codependently reliant on SaLuSa and he wants me (us) to look farther afield. Or perhaps new voices are arising and he wants us to pay attention to them. Perhaps he wanted us to consult our own inner voices rather than accepting everything he says.  I’ll be looking at the impacts on me and seeing if they provide clues as to what the real aim of this incident may have been.

No, I won’t be publishing Colleen Thomas. The last prediction of hers I tracked was that Obama would be killed in India, if I recall correctly. I haven’t really paid a lot of attention to her in the past because she seems wildly off base. And I won’t be paying a lot of attention to her in the future. No, SaLuSa meant something by this, as far as I’m concerned. And I just haven’t discovered what it is. But I won’t substitute his apparent judgment for my own and in my judgment Colleen Thomas is not reliable.

I may continue to process the vasanas overnight. My enthusiasm for things was hard hit by this disappointment. But I’ll be back to play tomorrow, if I do stop tonight. When a really strong vasana hits, it can affect everything in play. Every action creates an echo of the vasana and it takes time to work one’s way through it all. I know enough not to push myself or put a smiley face on when one strikes.  I need to be with and observe the vasana for as long as it takes, until it has worked its way through my system. Then, chances are, I’ll be free of it rather than further imprisoned by it.

And not only free of it, but free of all its roots and tendrils, extending to other issues. That’s what we’re seeking – freedom from our old issues, upsets, unfinished business. With that accomplished, we’ll be much better able to handle what’s coming down the pike.

PS. I did send your comments to Mike as you requested.

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  1. I feel your “pain” Steve, I really do, working through a HUGE vasana right now myself. Must be that time… it is something to be grateful for, yes? Even if it rips the rug right out from under us…

    I am grateful for your sharing and like you said, it’s all for a reason even if we can’t see what that is right now.

    Lots of love and cosmic hugs,

  2. Thank you Steve for sharing. I can relate and am familiar to the process of what you call vasanas. I would like to share some words/guidance that came to me from somewhere within during a meditation. [ i.e. did not think them up; individual words arose that then combined to from phrases. The phrases came in the right order when moved to write it down. Think it is just meant to be personal guidance however maybe others may find the meaning helpful/useful.

    LET GO,

  3. Steve, your demonstration of personal integrity in real-time here is food for my soul.

    Namaste dear brother…


  4. I appreciate your honesty and transparency on your process here, Steve. I echo your thoughts about depending more upon ourselves to ‘do it’, be that understand or heal, rebuild or reclaim. I’ve come to an intermediate ‘conclusion’ about 2012 and it’s growing ancillary issues which is: who knows? We can depend upon and harken to voices be they terrestrial or channeled. We can think we know what’s ‘supposed to happen’ when we don’t actually know what we ourselves will be doing tomorrow. Why do we want to cling so to ‘what is supposed to be’? What is the real repeating pattern here at this moment of change? I suspect the issue is the overarching tendency for humans to succumb to the patterning of control where ‘those in the know’ tell us all about it from the biggest to littlest detail. And they will fix it for us. I see that it’s time for that pattern to go away. We have no need for that kind of ‘parenting’ anymore. It’s time to dream our own space and not give into the pattern of ‘saviour’.

    If we function from the base assumption that we have free will and our world is set up to honor that..including any galactic visitors that come from so-called higher space…..then we have to understand that ALL is possibility until it happens and each of us has a say over our lives and environments. Some things are highly more possible than others and that can be sensed, but they are not fixed until they happen. Any voice that tells you ‘how it will be’ is not a voice to follow if you find following necessary.

    What I am seeing now is that tonight …. right now… all is well. Hurt feelings and disrupted belief systems are momentary ego issues. Let it go and be done. Meanwhile, the birds are hunkered down for a near winter blast here in the NW U.S. because that is what they face ‘now’. Cold, snow and rain. No weather reports needed and somehow they know what to do. They aren’t worried about tomorrow or how to explain it or who they’ll beseech next for wisdom.

    The Sun will rise tomorrow, again, and troubles can cease if one wants to just let the patterns go. One big pattern at the later stages? ‘Seeking enlightenment’. Finding and holding the end game. The purpose of life is really all about ‘today’. About now. It doesn’t ‘need’ explanation or recapitulation. It doesn’t need work or commitment. It just needs space to BE without explanation, domination or encapsulation. That’s it. It’s ‘whatever’. Can we stand in the gap and say ‘whatever’? Let go and ‘let it BE’.

    Peace be…sleep well.

  5. I believe Marshall at Share11 has the answer regarding Salusa’s last message. I’m copying his responses below.

    I do not believe that message was from Salusa. Before I even started reading it, I did not recognize the “energy” associated with it, and before finishing the first paragraph, I intuitively felt that this was not from him. After reading it, my right brain is also telling me that the structure and style of the writing is different as well.

    Of course that is simply my take on it, could be wrong.

    That has nothing to do with it. In fact I really don’t feel strongly about anything in the message one way or the other. Realize that I got that the “energy” of the message was NOT Salusa before reading one single word, and the intuitive feeling that it was not Salusa before finishing the first paragraph. Before going on I dowsed the message, before reading all but the first couple of sentences and got that it was NOT Salusa. Even more telling, I always dowse the accuracy of the messages, and if they come in under 90% or so, tend to skip over them completely, no matter who they are from. Salusa has ALWAYS dowsed at 100% accurate, every single time. This one dowsed at under 50%. Normally I would not have read any more, but as being purported as being from Salusa I went ahead and read it anyway out of curiosity, thinking maybe it was from someone else and posted as Salusa’s by accident.

    After reading it I realized that the form and verbalization was not the same as we normally get from Salusa, which added additional confirmation.

    After debating whether to write this or not, I have decided to, it is too important to ignore. The last time I identified a hijacked channel’s connection and who hijacked it, I came under rather fierce attack myself for 3 days until I figured out how to deal with it, and make it a losing game for him.

    For background on this, I recommend reading RA, particularly the part about when Carla’s (the channel), connection gets hijacked by a 5th level negative entity. There is nothing to be ashamed of if this happens, I have been interfered with by at least 4 of them in the last year myself. Anyone who is doing a lot of work for the light will draw their attention, and the brighter their light the more power the entity can get by interfering, so there is a big payoff if they succeed. If anyone has problems with a 5th level negative entity, email me offline on how to deal with them. But the important part is to identify them. I welcome anyone here who can dowse to dowse that what I am saying is correct. But be careful about dowsing anything directly about the entity, you probably don’t want to draw its attention. One trick is to dowse the entity as of 1 or 10 minutes ago, that will break the structured link back to you, and it will never know you checked on it.

    I get that this questionable message came by way of a compromised connection to Salusa, where a 5th level negative entity got control of much of the communication. This entity had the following characteristics (before I went after him, its power is way down right now):

    Conscious level – 475
    Power of this entity – 610
    Wisdom of this entity – 745

    All of those were taken for 10 minutes previously since I really don’t feel like drawing its attention and having to fight it off like happened last time I identified a 5th level entity.

    Now, as far a Mike is concerned, it is taking its toll on him. His consciousness level was down 500 points from normal, so he is under a pretty significant attack. I am going to do what I can to try to stop this entity, but without Mike’s knowledge or assistance I am somewhat limited. But if I can make it a losing proposition for the entity, it will focus its attention elsewhere. That is about all one can expect.


  6. Steve, I’m brought to amazing and thought-provoking times reading your posts, Thank You.

    After reading so many channeled messages from SaLuSa and others and reading the same thing over and over with the words just juxtaposed a bit, hope and excitement have been replaced by the Understanding that I must go within. “To my Heart” There I will not be “dismayed” for I create here all that I want to come into being.

    There Emotion is left at the Front door, just like when I lived in Kauai and took my flip flops off outside so as not to track in the red dirt into anyone’s home. When I go to My Heart I Am brought into the Realm of the Vibration of Truth. Albeit it is mine, who else’s Truth should it Vibrate with but my own?

    This is the Simplicity of it All. When something is True to you, it invariably Vibrates in you. I trust that implicitly.

    We all have our own distinct Path and our own discrete Vibrational wavelength, so I sit quietly go inside and Observe. It is indeed this Gift that has been presented to All…for each of us has this capability by the gifting of the Creator.

    Blessings, Robert

  7. Dear Steve,

    Processing old habitual patterns can be exhausting, so I hope you were able to quiet your mind and peacefully go to sleep tonight. Please rest in your heart and listen to your inner guidance… mine simply says that it wasn’t SaLuSa speaking.

    • Ah, so you’re aware of that, Wend? Yes, it does exhaust. I am going to sleep in today as a result.


  8. The important thing from my perspective is to remember what has been said on many occasions, and that is that we need to be ready to exercise our own intuition and to be prepared for all manner of tricks coming from the dark. I’m absolutely certain that Mike Quinsey is a genuine and light filled soul who was in this instance being used by others and without realising it.
    I feel, if anything, excited by the prospect of finding out more about this incident, and maybe we never will but it surely is all part of the journey we’re now making to a better existance for all souls who choose this path and of course for our planet.

  9. Steve, I found the same. SaLuSa’s message just did not ‘feel’ like our old friend normally does.. people that I regularly forward his messages to, did NOT in fact recieve this one!! :) :)

    A possible ‘hacking’, either electronic or neuronal, may of course also have occurred!

    The plot thickens.. but I am sure the SaLuSa whom we all know and have grown to Love (minus ‘dependency’ of course!) would be very proud that we continue to use our intuition to discern ‘Truth’!

    You are STILL doing the BEST job!

    In Light!

    • Thanks for your mind words, Robin. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of not posting it! And not to meet the issue head on is also not an option.

      But I think I begin to see why SaLuSa did it. I think he caused a boil prior to lancing it. We get to see our reactivity at precisely the time when we turn to confront the cabal. What a valuable lesson that is. I think he just taught us a valuable lesson (see my article “An Appeal”).



  10. Hello Steve,
    Just to let you know that the Niburu website has posted a comment yesterday that this was not a message from SaLuSa as it was a different energy and for that reason they did not post this last message.
    It was the 2nd time this year they felt it was not a message from SaLuSa.

    I understand very well how you feel. Take care! I love your work!

  11. Hey all!

    i still did not read SaLuSa’s new message from yesterday, just read the 1st and 2d line of each paragraph. The only 2 things that sounded true was parts i spoke of.
    Also, i had found that website advertised in French, and it was not even put up on the list, i mean the French one… why? French is the 4th lor 5thanguage in the world… very strange… why leave the French out of it???
    It just read to me as total lacking love, very unusual for SaLuSa… it read as a news letter magazine… empty really… i did not feel at even looking at it yesterday… looked at it this morning and felt wrong, so had no interest… i am going to leave it as that.

    Don’t have any need to bother with stuff that does not feel right, no offence meant.

    The only parts that did feel right to me was the paragraph about meeting others in our dream state… and recognising them! Yep yep yep… ! This does feel right to the most!

    Malpy out!