Life in the Golden Age. Part 1. The Future Will be Beyond Your Wildest Imaginings

Now that the midterm elections are out of the way is a good time to consider what ultimately lies before us – life in the Golden Age.

What will life be like? It’s hard to imagine, SaLuSa tells us. “Your future will bear no resemblance to duality.” Instead our future life will “give you every happiness.” (1)

“Whatever you believe the future to offer you, we can say it will be beyond your imagination for the sheer beauty and wonders you will encounter on your travels.” (2)

It won’t be based on things as they are now. “Very little of the wondrous world on your horizon will be rooted in your systems to date,” according to Matthew. (3) “It is written that you shall bring into manifestation the new paradigm, and it shall be vastly different from the old one,” according to SaLuSa. (4)

Atmos tells us that the old ways have proven inadequate.

“You cannot carry the old vibrations much further, and they must be transmuted into the Light. As always it is your final choice, but realize what an opportunity Ascension offers you to once and for all leave the cycle of Duality behind you. The Golden Age is about to commence, and you can step onto its pathway if you so wish. Live in Love and Light and you will achieve a great step up in your evolution.” (5)

SaLuSa invites us to consider how challenging duality has been. “You find little peace on Earth, as the lower vibrations are conducive to disharmony and imbalance. Your ability to create is limited, and because of separation from the Source there is a lack in your life that cannot be filled.” (6) But Ascension will change all that.

“The process of Ascension will answer all of these drawbacks, and through your own efforts you will enter the Light forevermore. Then and only then, will you become the real you with very few limitations and great power to create. As your consciousness expands, so you will find that your understanding of the powers you have also increases. At the higher levels you will not abuse it, but instead use it for the good of all.” (7)

We will have become our “God selves,” SaLuSa tells us, (8) “fully enlightened Beings of Love and Light,” Ker-On says. (9) He continues: “After Ascension you will be fully awakened, and there will no mysteries connected with your existence or purpose of life. With your consciousness fully opened you will become godlike in your powers and join all other ascended Beings.” (10)

It is “not the end of your journey,” SaLuSa reminds us, “but your elevation to higher dimensions where another one begins.” (11)

What will we be like after Ascension? What conditions will affect us then? How long will we live? Will we continue to suffer from disease and old age?


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