What to Let Go of and What to Retain?

Saul’s article on synchronicity is itself synchronous for me because it concerns a matter I’ve had much time to reflect on over the course of today. I’ll reproduce below the passage from Saul that so struck me. (1)

I realized today just what it would be like to have things speed up after disclosure. Events have speeded up so much for me recently with the creation of the new site, disclosure heating up, and accountability looming, that I was waning under the pressure of reporting on it all. Life had become constant change, as I think it will be after the major events begin to occur.

I had to go back to fundamentals and look again at what I wanted in my life – what I wanted to let go of and what I wanted to retain. By fundamentals, I mean things that are prior to knowledge, at the level of agreements I enter into with life. They don’t depend on anything else than what I say.

And the place I arrived at dovetails, not by coincidence Saul would say, with what Saul was discussing.

If I try to hold onto every thought I had yesterday, every way of being I practiced, every value I had, I probably run the risk of major trauma. We are entering a time, I think, of rapid change and no fixed structures will probably hold up over time. I have to be willing to assess again and again what I will jettison and what adhere to.

I sense the need to feel my way along in these end times and look for ways to orient that allow me the maximum of flexibility while remaining grounded in the really important matters.

I asked myself what’s basic to my point of view? What defines how I wish to enter into life and what relationship I wish to have with it? What will I hold onto and even anchor to, letting the rest change as it wishes?  What is the central point around which my life will revolve?

Two things came up as rock-bottom for me. They are:

(1) I serve God. What I serve is what is and who I serve is God’s children.  Since I believe that what is represents God’s Will, if I serve what is, I’m serving God’s Will. Since I believe that God is manifest in His children, when I serve His children, I’m serving God.

This doesn’t mean I agree with everything that happens or that I go along with it. It means I accept what I meet as what God wished me to meet, that where I’m going and what I’m doing is where I need to be going and what I need to be doing. There is no need for me to go  somewhere else or do something else. This alone relieves a great deal of pressure on me.

And the second is complementary:

(2) I rely on God to bring me what I need and I accept what comes my way as God’s Will for me.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t work to get what I want, or don’t ask, but that I accept whatever the outcome is as being what God intended for me. I stop hankering, pursuing, and accumulating and just let go into life.

I stop worrying, fearing, and angling for things and simply accept what’s brought right here in front of me.

I’ve always conducted my life this way but today I felt the need to be more explicit about it, to anchor to it, as a means of grounding myself  in turbulent times. All else I can let go of and let change as it may. But let me return to this way of life every day. Let it be my path and my guide.

Making this agreement with myself doesn’t mean I want to be a teacher or leader. I don’t. I’m a writer. It means that I want to be an intelligent user.

I can’t do anything about most things that are happening in the world today. I really can only see to my own participation.

I don’t know much about many things that are happening anyways. There is far too much happening to ever hope I will. Somehow the way I enter into life cannot depend on knowledge or I’m lost.   I cannot hope to keep up with the expanding knowledge frontier; perhaps none of us can. Nor do I want to.

But let me keep up with the expanding spiritual frontier.

To put the same matter another way: Jesus said, “Seek ye the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all else will be added unto you.” Proving the correctness of that statement has always been the experiment of my life.  If I seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, I firmly believe that all else will be added unto me. And it always has been. Speaking from this present moment looking backwards, everything has turned out satisfactorily to date.

Am I going to stop seeking God and His righteousness because the times have gotten crazy? No.  I consider this way of life a wholesome vasana.

So let events overtake me, change sweep by me, the landscape change around me.  I intend to continue serving God in everything that arises and relying on Him only.  Let that intention remain basic to me.


(1) Saul said: “We continually nudge you towards wakefulness by bringing to your attention coincidences and synchronicities that demonstrate to you that all is interconnected, that nothing is separate, even though it does not appear to you that this is so.  Most of the time you are skeptical and unaccepting of these incidents and convince yourselves they are just chance occurrences that are quite unrelated to each other and that have no meaning.  And yet you wonder . . . and find it hard to dismiss them out of hand.

“So instead, you recount them to friends, but with an air of tolerant skepticism.  You want to believe in your divine destiny, although you would not label it that clearly, but you are afraid that you will be disappointed because in the illusion disappointment is endemic.  And so we keep on drawing to your attention evidence of your true nature — your unbreakable spiritual connection to God.

“You are coming to realize that there is more to life than your physical existence in the illusion seems to suggest.  And this intrigues you and gives rise to hope because you desperately want this to be the case, for if it is not, and existence is as meaningless as it often appears to be, then your loneliness overwhelms you.  If you did not manage to distract yourselves from these depressing thoughts, despair would set in.

“We are with you to make sure that does not happen, and we shall continue to nudge you and bring to your attention events and occurrences that demonstrate to you that God, your loving Father, exists and wants you to experience the Love in which He embraces you and the absolute bliss that awareness of that Love will bring you.” (Saul, Oct. 26, 2010, at http://johnsmallman.wordpress. com.)

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