Our Turn is Coming Up. Let’s Be Ready

In the battle for the hearts and minds of people worldwide, the Illuminati … I’m tempted to say, “with all the money in the world” but that in itself would be rhetorical and untrue … are able to hire the finest pens to dress up their arguments so that many of them are presented to us with all the appeal of modern media technology.

Advertisements sell us a way of life that is heavily consumer-oriented and appeal to us to see Big Oil, Big Pharma, Food Inc. and other conglomerates, who command the lion’s share of wealth and power, as beneficial to us, whatever the real situation may be.

The black side of predatory capitalism assassinates people who threaten the stranglehold that the military-industrial complex has maintained to date over transportation technology, health care, food production, and so on. Inventors, whistleblowers, nonconformists, refuseniks find themselves out of a job, in prison, or dead.

That same black side keeps us in perpetual fear by staging false-flag operations around the world which it blames on often-fictitious, sometimes-client “terrorist” groups – Oklahoma City, 9/11, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Pakistan.

The same forces run the worldwide drug trade and keep the planet in a state of perpetual war.

Meanwhile they keep the population so disinclined to look deeply into the situation that the victims of their depredations refuse to examine what their situation is, even as they lose ground every year.

One example of the manner in which they keep the people tied up is their false arguments against an equitable distribution of wealth. The same group, for instance, that sees all public outlay on pensions, health care, unemployment insurance, and stimulus packages to Main Street as “socialism” and “big government” see bailout programs to too-big-to-fail banks and defense outlays for illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and for a military machine that is simply used to scare and corral the rest of the world and guarantee the cabal’s own hegemony as prudent, wise and necessary.

Where do the opponents of “big government” go when it comes to unnecessary defense expenditures? They fall silent or line up to support the legislation. And yet we seldom point out the double standard.

Worse, we take up the cries of “socialism” and serve as their mouthpieces. We do their work by heaping scorn on those who wish to see medicare made universal or an adequate social-safety net erected for the middle, working and lower classes who are falling deeper and deeper into debt slavery.

The cabal is for big government when it comes to guns but for small government when it comes to butter.

Why don’t we awaken to this charade? This facade? What prevents us from seeing how we’re manipulated?

Fear, rhetoric and persuasion.

We’re afraid of what the cabal can do to us if we step out of line. As the noose tightens around us, we become more passive instead of more vocal.

We’re cowed by the rhetoric and give up our sovereignty and discernment to repeat what are purely slogans, merely memes. The best I can think of, besides the “socialist” refrain in regards to universal medicare, is George Bush’s remark that we should not yield to “conspiracy theories.” And yet we’ve yielded to that administration’s “conspiracy theory” that 19 hijackers brought the World Trade Center down. Why can’t we see that?

And persuasion. As much as we recognize that Madison Avenue, Hollywood and the other media centers have become the new high priests of our cultural round of life, we seldom act on what we know. We seldom turn away from the small set and the big screen and reject the life of violence, sex and fear they propagate.

At some level we still drink deep at the fountain of the advertised life, respond to fads and fashions, and are whipped through a series of manipulated holidays – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas – as if Hallmark created life. Year after year, our lives are conditioned and preconditioned to move from one mandated holiday “celebration” (read: consumption) to the next.

We’re acting like lemmings and we deserve a lemming’s fate.

Fortunately a lemming’s fate is not what we’ll get. This Alice in Wonderland life we’ve been living will soon come to an end. Unable to break the mass hypnosis for ourselves, what David Wilcock calls “management” has interceded on our behalf and we’ll be freed from the Svengalis, Rasputins and their enforcers.

At least, you and I know that. Not like the mass of society does.

I disagree with anyone who says that we could’ve made it out of the trap ourselves. I honestly don’t think we could or would have.

By the time the galactics arrive on this planet, when most other people in society are wondering if they are here to save us or eat us, we’ll know that they’ve already saved us and that they are, along with other beings even more remarkable and sublime, here to see that our future is … well, divine.

The truth is very much stranger than fiction. Many in the population will find it simply too incredible to believe. And that’s where we come in.

Familiarize yourself with what’s happening – now. Become informed. To the best of your ability and with the time available, learn the truth of what’s going on, from all sides and all angles. Read what’s on this site and all the other sites. Make best use of the time.

Accountability, abundance, disclosure, first contact, Ascension, the Fifth Dimension, the Divine Plan – know what’s coming down the pike.

Prove to yourselves and the rest of us whether we could’ve done this alone by doing even this small part of it alone: educate yourself and be ready to explain to others what the truth of these times has been and will be.

Soon the curtain will rise and our turn to serve will be at hand. Let’s be ready.

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