The Nine's Introduction to Ascension

Very nice brief introduction to Ascension from Magenta Pixie and the “White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine.”

Thanks to (and Kees).

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And here’s an earlier Magenta Pixie message that deals, in passing, with the intergalactic gateway opening on the 10/10/10.

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The Nine make an interesting comment in this video. They say:

“Geometric forms and the language of the DNA shall be made available to those who are the forerunners in the Ascension process. Anyone receiving the geometrical and the DNA language messages are now ready to teach others as they are the Wayshowers and the Mapmakers of this process. They shall be guided to their destiny as written in the incarnate blueprint they carry within their DNA.”

These are the people I called in an earlier post the “Early Risers.”

Here is another from the Nine on what happens to us physically during Ascension. Doubleclick on it to go to Youtube and watch the rest.

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