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Well … Supposing It's All a Hoax?

There may be one or two of us who visit this site but still feel a bit leery, apprehensive, or queazy about getting behind something as unorthodox as Ascension.

Supposing the whole thing is a con, a hoax?

Supposing the humans and galactics wearing the white hats take them off and they’re dark underneath. What then?

Supposing this whole thing is just the cabal’s Project Fairy Dust?

Or supposing Ascension turns out to be an impossible dream, and never happens because it never will, and we all look like idiots?

What happens if this whole thing goes up in smoke? Where will that leave us?

“Oh, yah, of course,” we’ll say then, “there’s no such thing as Ascension. How could I have been so stupid? Well, now I’m awake.”

Given how the energies are rising within my awareness, I think it unlikely that the extraterrestrials with white hats will turn out to be black hats. How many abductions have you heard of lately? Where are the little Greys in all that’s happening today? Who has seen one or heard of one in the last two years? Not I.

Bad terrestrials or a bad result? Well, let’s discuss it.

Because we came together to effect an Ascension on Winter Solstice, 2012 and it didn’t happen, no matter in what position we’re left, I think we’ll still have benefitted.

Supposing we have to face down the cabal once more. Because we aligned on Ascension, we began to connect with deep inner values that ennobled us. We’ve become united and strengthened, more confidant, more discerning. We’re a much more credible adversary now, much more than we ever were,

We’re awake to the New World Order’s machinations. We’ve connected with each other and are no longer sheeple. We’ve taken a stand and drawn a line.

But supposing we have to put our lives back together again, having once more been fooled in life. No Ascension happened. Now where are we left?

We’ve spent several years spiritually cleansing ourselves and getting rid of our unfinished business. We’ve stepped out in ways we might never have dreamed of doing.

Had we hidden from these events or done nothing, we might be in a much worse position.  We might have remained a prisoner of our own continuing issues, tense, skitterish, and not really there,

Had we run away, there would be no democracy today, no promise of world peace, no human unity, no courage to speak out, no lack of fear, no constitutional guarantees, no freedom.

All we accomplished, I predict we’ll say, made the whole thing worth it even if it doesn’t turn out the way we expect it. Ennobled, confident, stronger, united, we’re better able to address our situation in the world, no matter what the future.

This is the way I see us then: confident, stronger, uplifted. So if it doesn’t work out?

We’ll start again.

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  1. I am pretty much in the Know zone on this issue. I mean how can I not be. I get angels, et’s ascended masters god, creator all come into my aura and I can actually physically feel their presence and feel the love enamating from them. I anchor light and love to lady gaia daily and I have God The Creator and my godself together in this anchoring. I instantly feel their presence when I do this and feel the love in my body traavel out my feet picking up more love from the activated love crystals in the earth and I also pick up some love from the Agarthian network into the core of Gaia and then to anchor this love around the earth for Gaia and all sentiment life upon her. Hey remember what Matheww said in the time continuum ascension has already happened.

  2. Hi Steve, I don’t know if this article has anything to do with it at all, but this was the main issue to me in a posting I called to your attention about 2+ weeks ago written by Gordon at the Galactic Messages website called; “Thoughts on Earth Ascension”. It really grabbed me and so I called your attention to it. My conclusion to this premise is in line with yours, especially the part about looking for the next grand vision, “We’ll start again”. I would only add that I think that the whole 2012 thing turning out to be a fizzle (which is really unimaginable to me) could not be brushed aside as if it’s no big deal. I think it would cause a very considerable upheaval in the New Age community. And I think this would in the short term lead to a number of very separate camps until a new understanding and vision becomes established. But I really don’t want to elaborate on something that is for me unthinkable.

    • Gotcha, Lawrence. Yes, it would be a huge earthquake under everyone’s feet if it turned out to be a scam.

      But that earthquake can be lessened if we get, every step of the way, that we are adults and giving our assent to events.

      Lauren Gorgo, Lisa Renee, Mike Quinsey, Suzy Ward, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Steven Greer, Stephen Bassett, Colin Andrews, David Wilcock, Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, Arthur Neumann, Andrew Basiago – all these people cannot be under some form of mass hypnosis. Even if the galactics haven’t landed, and the whole thing is taking a long time, and we are being stretched to the limit, too many people of integrity have looked at this whole thing and have seen a piece of it and are united in saying that “This is real. This means something,” to quote Richard Dreyfus again.

      But as long as we don’t address our residual queasiness, it lingers. The only way to put it to rest is to look at it and experience it and come out the other side of it.

      I think I’m going to need to share this….

      Thanks for being my partner, Lawrence, in looking at this now instead of … and I hope we never have to … later.



  3. Mr Steve Beckow thoughts on Supposing the whole thing is a hoax? is very good food for thought,as they tell us Do not believe everything you read!!!!!!!!!!!???????????, yet when one thing or something down deep inside your very being say I believe there is some truth in what I just read??? then you will become that thought for say. Remember what Jesus Christ said??and it was ( Believe onto me even though you have not seen me? ) Was that a Hoax he state’ed 2000 years ago!!!??? and how many Millions of people world wide to this very day have not seen Jesus Christ?? yet they have Faith in knowing that day is coming when all awaken’ed peoples of the Earth will see him when we all enter the New Heaven on Earth in the Golden age.

    It is most good you Steve are looking out side of the box for insight and forsight!!?? your soul is braking free from all your past lives of being told what to do and how to live?? Look at the insight and forsight crop cricles are showing us who have woken up in 2010???? are they to all a hoax?? 5% yes man made are a hoax yet 95% are in no way a hoax, and anyone with half a brain knows full well this insight is coming from the other side of the Veil to make us ponder even more deeply and have some faith in what is being put fourth to us Humans. Earth is the learing planet and over the last 150 years if we stoped learning back then?? then I wood in no way be typing my thoughts of the day on this computer to state my view points??!!?. And if you were living lets say 80 years ago and you said I saw in a dream one day in the very near future we will be using computers for everyday life??, They the Church and the government of the day would of put you in the Nut House for life. So keep the faith Steve you are going to be part of something much bigger the your mind can ponder and it’s all good.

  4. Well Said!

    If ascention is a hoax, so what?

    We will have waken up many to the realities of the world.

    • Well, I’m glad you think so, Ron, because that one was quite a gamble!

      I think it’s better to look at a situation like this before and face up to potentially unpleasant possibilities, but I don’t like to be the one to mention it!!!



  5. It ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Let’s hope the fat lady is Gaia, singing in celebration right along with us in 2012…

  6. In either case we start over. In either case we have gained wisdom.

    In essence we overcame fear by making a choice for God.

    I AM God…..and so are you.

    John Michael

  7. Steve,

    Last year I asked to see ETVs – from October 2009 to July 2010 I have seen 32 in the sky! And they appear when I ask them to and they come lower/closer to me when I ask. Never happened before in my life so SOMETHING is going on and it’s positive. Also I’m sure sources such as David Wilcock are not wrong.

    Ascension is real. Nothing can stop it.


  8. Amen brother! If at first u don’t succeed, try, try again. With love in ur heart, the journey is as profound and blessed as the end point. And there really isn’t an end point, so enjoy the journey!

  9. Hi, Steve,

    The way I see ascension is that it is a *process*, not an event that will reach its culmination on a certain day, with a certain marker. I see this process continuing long after 12/21/12, and our children and their children will continue to shape and root in the new energy in our world long past that date. Our consciousness *is* accelerating at an incredible pace at this time, compared to last thousands of years; we are already ascending. I already feel that we have entered the new world, although it’s still a little “bare” here. And the galactics? They’re are already interacting with many of us on individual basis, although each of us perceive them at different levels. Perhaps individual interactions with the galactics will eventually become so widespread and commonplace among the population, and we gradually become more tuned in to their presence consciously, that a one-time massive disclosure event won’t be necessary. This is just one scenario- the galactics’ “grass-roots” approach. I guess my viewpoint is that we’re in an incredibly accelerated process, but it will still take time to unfold and it will most likely take more than the next two years. I think rather than our holding up our lives waiting for it, it may be best to just live it because we’re in it now. My two cents.

  10. “Sheeple”! I love it! — Well, I’m in total agreement with all who say we’ll have benefited reagardless. And I’ve been having some contact with a “personage” from a blue-grey race on tha planet called Lahon. It’s been lovely, very lovely. Other planets, and some “personages” we’ve long thought dark, are also seeking light. We help them like we help us. We’re all one. We’re working out our “shadows” and some “ETs” are desiring and doing the same.

  11. For me it’s all about love. I’m here because I feel the love in Steve’s words and in much of the other content posted here. Love is the greatest feeling there is and the more I can get the better! Of course, I’m also here for the spiritual news of the day, which Steve delivers better than anyone else on the net!

    In answer to the question though, for those in 3D and who wish to remain in 3D, Ascension will always be a hoax. According to my sources this may be as many as 5 billion people. I’m sure a similar discussion went on when Reincarnation was introduced on Earth. It was a hoax then and it is a hoax now, except for those who remember their past lives.

    For those of us who feel the truth of Ascension in our hearts, we are already at 4D and likely on our way to 5D. If you feel you are at this site by accident, I encourage you to begin a serious spiritual practice to make the transition from 3.5D to 4D and then there will be no stopping you either!

    Today I’m guessing there are only a few million people who believe in Ascension, but when Disclosure of ET’s does happen, I hope to see that number jump to a billion or more, as we will all be forwarding Steve’s site to everyone in our contact list!

    Aum Tat Sat