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Presence Dissolves Issues

In my opinion, South African Kate Spreckley hits the nail on the head when she says that “by allowing yourself to be present in your issues and your fears, you allow them to dissolve.” One could say a lot more on the subject, but she has said it all in one sentence.

We’ll be encountering more and more issues in the months and years ahead as the rising energies invite us to open and expand. What will stand in our way is our issues, our unfinished business, our resentments and disappointments, etc.

What dissolves them is to stand in simple awareness of them, simple presence to them. and experience them through completely. So here is Kate’s discussion of it, but I think you’ll see a lot of discussions along these lines in the near future.

Thanks to Kauila.

“By allowing yourself to be present in your issues and your fears, you allow them to dissolve.”
August finds us constantly entwined with the energies created by the huge planetary line up that began in June 2010. (For more information see Energy Report for June 2010).  August may prove, astrologically, to be the most intense time of the whole year and it will be during the first two weeks of August that we shall experience the powerful effects of a planetary configuration that will centre on the Cardinal Grand Cross on the 7th August.

It has been quite some time since we have experienced a Cardinal Grand Cross of this significance.  In this Grand Cross four groups of planets will square off, each group in a different corner of the sky.  Jupiter and Uranus in Aries will be opposite Saturn, Venus and Mars in Libra.  Pluto in Capricorn will be directly opposite the Moon in Cancer.  Each planet will be in a Cardinal sign – Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, thus creating a perfect cross….a Cardinal Cross.

This Cardinal Grand Cross indicates that you shall experience a time of great change.  You will be gifted with the ability to make deep inner changes that will enable you to begin recreating your life based on the deep truths that have been revealed during the intense astrological alignments of the last few months.  During each planetary alignment energy is directed and focussed into aspects of yourself and your life that are in great need of healing, change and transformation.  Major issues are brought to the surface to be purged and transformed and now many of the deepest and darkest individual and collective issues are being gifted with the opportunity for profound healing and transformation.  This crucial healing and transformation will allow for true evolution to occur encouraging and enhancing the current shift in consciousness.

As you heal and transform a new perspective and a new life is discovered.  If you allow yourself to move forward into the ‘darkness’, to dive into the depths of your inner self, you will find a way forward that is filled with love, peace, balance and harmony.  By allowing yourself to be present in your issues and your fears, you allow them to dissolve.

You are required to move into new levels of conscious awareness.  This will bring you an experience of joy, spontaneity, creativity and enthusiasm into your life.  As the energy of this time surges through you releasing your blocks, your ability to fully embody your Divine Nature improves.  As you release old wounds and negative patterns you are able to connect with your natural sensitivity and experience compassion and unconditional love, enabling you to reveal and heal any lingering fears within the safety of your heightened levels of conscious compassion and love.

The energy of the last few months has granted you the power to surrender and release old, limiting belief patterns making it possible to reconnect with your heart centre and rediscover humility and compassion.  These powerful changes and transformations have and will continue to create intense and dramatic changes within your life, consequently affecting and initiating very necessary changes worldwide.

The New Moon on August the 10th is in Leo bringing a bright childlike energy that will awaken your creative aspect.  We are reminded during this New Moon to humbly express our essential self through the unique talents and abilities gifted to each individual by the Divine Creator.  The energy of this Full Moon encourages you to envision a new experience of life, one that is peaceful, abundant and joyous.  It is a time for you to expand your energy and reconnect to the infinite possibilities and creative solutions required to transform and heal our world.

The Full Moon on August the 24th is a Virgo/Pisces Full Moon, which is a very favourable time for healing.  The energy of this Full Moon will gift you with the power to unite your inner world with your physical reality.  It will be a time of heightened vulnerability where profound awareness will emerge from deep within your consciousness gifting you with the ability to birth compassion for yourself and others.

The astrological events occurring since June 2010 hold remarkable significance for the future of humanity and the planet.  The energy is pivotal to the shift in consciousness and 2010 seems to be a year where the choices we make and the actions we take carry a far greater power and significance than previously acknowledged.  We are awakening to the impact and influence we hold over the future generations of our world urging us to be accountable for our actions.  We are being challenged to act with our highest integrity and to stand up for what we believe in.  By aligning with our deepest truth and acting from that place we will create a world of heart centred truth, compassion and love.

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  1. The problem for many of us I think is allowing negative feelings, that’s the key word…… allowing……., seems like something we have had way too much of in our lives. But there really isn’t any sensible alternative because to block it out creates tension. And tension has all kinds of negative effects, including attracting more things into our life that promotes tension. To fight such a thing is like self-induced torture..

    • Hi, Lawrence,

      There’s negative thinking and standing in the presence of our negative thoughts. The one adds to the store of negative thoughts we have; the other is the only known way of subtracting from that store.

      As far as I’m aware, there’s no way of stopping negative thoughts from coming. To do so, as you say, causes tension, which resides in the body as muscular holding patterns. It also causes negative thoughts to persist. As the sage said, “what you resist persists.”

      When one experiences a negative thought through to completion, it feels the same as negatively thinking. That’s where confusion creeps in. But the result of the two processes is totally different.



  2. I so agree – but taken even further, we need to not only be with our thoughts, yes, but also need to deal with the accompanying feelings that arise from EVERY thought that we have. Every thought has an accompanying feeling in the body. In order to “let go” of a feeling, it is necessary to change the thought beneath the feeling.

    Also, with feelings, we need to really FEEL them in their entirety and depth,as that is the healthy way (rather than hanging-on and creating tension). Sad is only sad as long as we allow it, same with fear, anger, and all the “unpleasant” ones. Doing this “processing” opens a time-window or opportunity for great peace and a new appreciation. If one is in an overall negative state, the only way out of it is through it. There IS A WAY to stop negative thoughts in their tracks, and that is to actually SAY: “STOP” in your mind. That way, you’re in control–not the feelings. Self-talk is most helpful.

    It’s all about taking a different perspective, and THINKING differently…to FEEL differently.

    • I know this is a common view, Deb, but the thrust of what Kate Spreckly and I are saying is that “changing” thoughts, and the feelings they give rise to, only causes them to persist. The idea is not to try to change either of them but to experience them through completely. The theory below what I’m saying is that change is resistance and resistance causes persistence.

      Don’t forget that I’m addressing “issues” or “unfinished business.” Thinking in a different way is not something that deals with residue. It deals with the future. I agree that thinking differently is the way to go from this point on but I don’t think it will help you with residual patterns of tension in the body.

      But you don’t have to agree with me. I’m happy having divergent points of view.